An article about the church consolidation project I co-led in Granby, CT

“Two Churches in the Same Town Vote to Reunite”

7/11/2022 – by: Marlene Gasdia-Cochrane – Church History and IdentityChurch Innovation

Unlike the phoenix, a mythological bird that could regenerate after it died and rise from its ashes, there was no death involved in the formation of a new church in Granby, CT.  It was a mutual decision to re-unite and re-ignite.

In May 2022, First Congregational Church (founded 1739) and South Congregational Church (founded 1872), both of Granby, voted overwhelmingly to come together as a new church to better serve the needs of the congregations and the community. It is anticipated that an effective date and the legal formation of this new entity will take place January 1, 2023.

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